Pathshare Privacy Policy

Pathshare Privacy Policy

This agreement was written in English. If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions please write to

Date of Last Revision: October 18, 2019.

Company Information

The websites under and the services on these page are being offered to you by:

freshbits GmbH
Hinwilerstrasse 39
8635 Dürnten

Company UID: CHE-459.924.570

Board of directors: Jaro Habr, Thomas Maurer, Stefan Schurgast

Place of juristication: Zurich, Switzerland

This privacy policy is part of the terms & conditions (“usage agreement”) and applies to the website located at (the “site”, “website”) owned and operated by freshbits GmbH (“freshbits”, “Pathshare Team”, “we” or “us”) and the Pathshare services (“service”) accessed through our mobile apps, web apps or SDKs ( “apps”, “web apps”, “sdks”).

  1. Purpose and Privacy Policy Updates
    1. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you how we collect and use personal information (as defined below) so you can decide about using our site, services and apps. Please read this privacy policy before submitting any personal information to us.
    2. freshbits is committed to your privacy and protection of your personal information. In order to provide you with our services, we are dependent on your consent that we can collect and process your personal data. Doing so, freshbits always complies with the Swiss federal act on data protection.
    3. By using our site, services or apps, you represent that:
      1. you are over 13 years of age
      2. you are using our site, app or service for lawful purposes
      3. you consent to the information collection and use by freshbits
      4. you consent the processing by freshbits and third parties
      5. you consent our retention practices described in this privacy policy.
    4. freshbits may update the privacy policy anytime to reflect changes to our information practices. In this case, freshbits will inform you by email (if available) and by publishing the new privacy policy on our website. Privacy policy updates become effective immediately after publication. Freshbits encourages you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy policies.
  2. What is personal information?
    1. As your “personal information”, we refer to information that identifies you as an individual, or from which you could be identified (such as name, address, phone number, mobile number, email address, credit card number), and information about your location or activities. Personal information also includes demographic information such as date of birth, gender, geographical area, and personal preferences when such information is linked to your other personal information that identifies you.
    2. Your personal information does not include aggregated information, which is data we collect about the use of the Pathshare services, apps, sites, or if personal information has been removed (anonymized data).
  3. What personal information do we collect?
    1. Pathshare collects personal information in multiple ways:
      1. When you set up or change your profile, you are asked to share your name, email, phone number, photo and store this information within Pathshare. You may also be asked to share additional personal information when you use optional services or when you contact our support for troubleshooting.
      2. Pathshare also collects data related to your device like device model, operating system and version, browser and version, app or client version and push IDs.
      3. While sharing your location with other users, you submit your current location and track history (based on different phone sensor information like GPS, network, WiFi, Bluetooth, gyroscope, UWB or other), altitude, orientation, accuracy, speed, movement type, battery levels and proximity indications to the Pathshare platform.
      4. We also collect derived information from your personal information mentioned above (e.g. proximity events, geofence entries), messages you send to us or your contacts through Pathshare, and server logs.
  4. How do we process personal information?
    1. Location Tracking Technologies
      1. As an active user of the services mentioned above, you continuously send messages, your location (coordinates, altitude, orientation) or location context information (accuracy, speed, movement type, battery levels, proximity indications or secondary sensor information) to Pathshare.
      2. Pathshare shares this information or derived information with your specified contacts for a time you specify (the “location sharing session”) or the location sharing session of your contacts that you accept and participate in.
      3. You hereby confirm that by using Pathshare with your device, you accept the usage of your device as an integrated part of the Pathshare services provided to you. You agree, that in order to use Pathshare, you allow access to the location services, motion activity and push notification services of your phone.
    2. Evaluation of Service Usage and Service Quality
      1. In order to further develop and improve the Pathshare product, to grow in our market and provide enough resources (mainly infrastructure) to our services we offer to you we evaluate your personal information that we collected or derive. Derived information include interest based or behavioral information which we generate from your profile and from our server logs and/or that we aggregate with other non-personal information.
    3. Push Notifications
      1. Push notifications are an integrated part of the Pathshare service and are used for technical as well as messaging reasons (session invitations included).
    4. E-Mail
      1. We will use the email you provided to us in your profile to inform you about changes in our terms, privacy policy, for support reasons, product and usage information, billing purposes, or when you want to share a session invitation through email.
    5. Integrations
      1. Pathshare offers means of integrating other services with Pathshare to create sessions, to retrieve or search for information, or to subscribe to events that are triggered by rules (e.g. when you enter a geofence, when you join a location sharing session and more). When the location sharing session owner chooses to use integrations, your personal information related to these events may be submitted to third party applications you specify like Zapier, Slack, Google and others.
      2. You are always in full control of your personal information, if you are the session owner. If you choose to participate in a location sharing session by invite, the session owner may have set up integrations.
    6. OpenID-Connect Providers
      1. We provide different ways to log into our apps, web apps and services such as by OpenID-Connect providers or other SSO or sign-in services. Sign-in services facilitate the authentication process for you using your name, email and phone numbers. You may, however, always choose to use authentication methods provided by Pathshare.
    7. Social Media Features
      1. If you choose to share your invites by social media features, these services may collect your IP address and other personal information while you visit their site and store information in cookies in order to function properly. Your interactions with social media features are governed by the privacy policies of the corresponding providing companies and are not part of the Pathshare services.
  5. What personal information do we share with third parties?
    1. In order to provide the Pathshare services, freshbits is dependent on different third-party services like server and infrastructure hosting, networking, additional location-based services, messaging services as well as analytics services.
    2. Pathshare hosts and processes your personal information with Google Cloud Services in Frankfurt, Germany (Google Inc., CA, USA). Networking providers include Pusher (Pusher Inc., NV, USA and Dublin, Ireland), Google Cloud Messaging (Google Inc., CA, USA), Apple Push Notification Services (Apple Inc., CA, USA), Vonage Holding Corp. (NJ, USA) and mobile carriers for text message invitations.
    3. When you participate in a location sharing session, you also distribute personal information to the devices of other participants of the location sharing session.
    4. By using Pathshare, you also agree to the privacy policies of the services mentioned above:
      1. Google Cloud Platform Privacy Policy: see link
      2. Google Cloud Platform Data Processing Terms see link
      3. Apple Privacy Policy: see link
      4. Pusher Privacy Policy: see link
      5. Vonage Privacy Policy: see link
  6. Where is personal information stored?
    1. Personal information is mainly transferred to and processed with services offered in Germany, Switzerland, Ireland or other EU countries, but may also be transferred to other countries without Swiss federal act on data protection or comparable data privacy laws or privacy protection standards (including the USA).
    2. By using Pathshare, you give your consent to process and store your personal data outside of Switzerland.
  7. How do we protect your information?
    1. freshbits provides security measures to prevent your personal information from being lost, misused or changed.
    2. All communication between apps, web apps and services are encrypted by TLS or with AES encrypted payloads over a TLS secure connection.
    3. When a device or server receives the data, the data is protected on the device or server in an adequate manner.
    4. When sending an invitation independently of the Pathshare communication channels (i.e. through text messages, social media posts, other communication apps), the invitation message is not encrypted. This includes the following information: location sharing session link, your personal invitation message to the recipient and the name of your company.
  8. What choices do you have regarding the correction, update, deletion, retention and use of your information? How can you obtain additional information?
    1. You can change your personal data within the Pathshare profile at any time using the apps, web apps or services. For other requests or to delete your profile and personal information, please contact
  9. What rights do you have?
    1. You have the right to change your profile data at any time.
    2. By law, you also have the right to request information on your personal data stored or processed by freshbits or third parties, the right to deny the transfer to other and to restrict processing of data, the right of rectification, and the right of erasure of your personal information.
    3. To plead these rights, please write to freshbits GmbH, Hinwilerstrasse 39, 8635 Dürnten, Switzerland and include a copy of your identity documents or passport.
    4. freshbits may invoice the user for a part of the incurred expenses as a service fee if the user has already received the same information within the last twelve months, or when the inquiry generates significant expenses.

This agreement was written in English. If you have any questions regarding the “Terms & Conditions of Use” please write to

Last revised: October 18, 2019