Geofences are virtual geographic boundaries that enable you to trigger actions when a device enters, leaves or stays in a particular area.

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Geofences are a great way to trigger actions and give users a contextual experience around their area of interest.

Here are a few examples:

Push Messages

Send location based push-messages to a customer approaching a geofence.

Customer profiles

Save location visits to build up highly 
accurate customer profiles.

Geo analytics

Analyze how customers move towards a venue and how many pass without entering.

Process automation

Trigger an external application like charging a guest for the number of times he used the ski lifts.

Geofences and geotriggers

There are three types of events you can trigger when working with geofences

  • a user enters an area
  • a users stays for a certain time within the area or
  • a user leaves the area

Hint: When using a geofence to trigger things, this simply call this a geotrigger.

Creating geofences is very simple and the Pathshare Dashboard offers you all the visual tools needed. Learn more about best practices in the geofences documentation.

Manage your geofences

Pathshare provides you with a map based visual tool to set up and manage your geofences and define actions like sending a message to your customer or executing a web service.

Draw circles (radial geofences) and polygons directly on the map to define new geofences. You can also use Geofence API to upload and bulk-import your predefined set of geofences directly to your Pathshare Pro account.

If you would like to set fences around routes or just need help uploading your geofences, please contact us and send us your geofence files - we’re happy to do it for you.

Using geotriggers

As soon as your geofences are set up, every device that enters or leaves a geofence will trigger an event to Pathshare. You can now define if-this-than-that rules how to use geotrigger events, e.g. in order to send a welcome message to your user if he enters the perimeter of an area of interest.

Geotriggers support all integration types from Pathshare integrations to send emails or evoke any other REST service using the config or with Zapier (a workflow automation tool).

Discover the features

  • manage an unlimited number of geofences

  • visual tools to create circular (radial) and polygon geofences on the map

  • bulk-import of your existing geofences

  • trigger actions via email, any web service (REST, SOAP), or Zapier integration

  • geotriggers with simple if-this-than-that rules

  • scope geofences to sessions / cases

  • geotriggers for entering, leaving or staying within a geofence

  • Geofences API

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