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Asset Tracking

Manage your fleets and track assets on the map to enhance your dispatching efficiency and to optimize decision making.

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  • Dashboard

  • Pathshare App

  • Arrival Time

  • Geofences

  • Analytics

Track your assets on the map

By activating the Pathshare tracker within the Pathshare App or one of the SDKs, you can collect and monitor a multitude of parameters of your asset and IoT devices.

Keep track of all your assets on a map by using the Pathshare Dashboard.

Focus on an asset in order to see various asset infos, last location and usage details.

Trigger alarms when leaving route

Geofences are a powerful tool for fleet managers, contractors, equipment rental companies or law enforcement companies in order to ensure route adherence and contract enforcement.

Make sure your assets are not deviating from a predefined route and activate automatic alerts to improve your ability to respond to route changes.

Optimize driving routes

When dispatching jobs, make sure to choose optimal driving routes - across your entire fleet.

Pathshare Pro helps you by letting you add new job destinations and dynamically adds them to your route.

Asset monitoring

Monitor a large variety of sensor and context data directly from your device, or use calculated measures to determine assets’ health.

  • Asset activation
  • Position updates and assets last seen locations
  • Hours of use
  • Motion types and motion activity
  • Temperature and other instrument measurements

Automate reporting

For compliance and audit, use Pathshare’s integration possibilities to establish an automated reporting.

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